10 Casual Things You Can Buy Cheaper!

In the current economic hard times, everyone would like to save money. 
Most people do not have an idea what an extra 240.00 per year can do 
to their lives. The good news is that you can save 20.00 or more 
every month by purchasing these 10 high quality, cool and most useful 
products at the Dollar Tree. At this store, you’ll find most of 
your favorite brands at very pocket friendly prices. Just make a 
point of visiting a dollar store near you and you’ll be amazed at the 
many best products you can buy cheaply at the store.

The following are some of the products you can purchase at the Dollar 
Tree and get to save a significant amount of money:


1.Greetings Cards


While some card retailers sell Greeting Cards at a higher price, the 
Dollar Store sells the same cards at a fairly cheap price. When you 
purchase your cards from the Dollar Store, you can save about 1.50 or 
more in every card that you purchase. At the Dollar Tree, you’ll find 
exceptionally beautiful cards that cannot match what other stores 
offer. Having been a frequent customer at the Dollar Tree, I can 
assure you that you can get yourself beautiful packs of cards, gift 
wrap, balloons, and other supplies for various occasions at a 
cheaper price.




You can save close to 4.00 or more when you purchase a pack of pens and 
other office supplies at Dollar Tree. The Dollar Store offers a wide 
variety of supplies hence you’re sure to get any kind of product at 
their store.


3.No Show Socks


Get yourself a pair of no show socks and save 1.50 on every pair that 
you purchase at your local dollar store. The Dollar Tree offers 
high quality dress socks and nylon no show socks and having 
purchased my socks from the store, I can guarantee you that you’ll 
like them.


4.Shaving Gel


Buy your shaving gel at the Dollar Tree and save approximately 1.50. The 
Dollar Tree is committed to make your shaving experience smooth and 
stress-free. In case you are not a fan of shaving cream, you have 
the option of getting yourself the raspberry gel at the Dollar Tree.


5.Pregnancy Tests


Did you know that you can save as much as 3.00 by purchasing pregnancy 
tests at Dollar Tree? Well, in case you didn’t, the dollar store 
offers pregnancy tests that are a good as those you can have in 
clinics. So, if you’re fertility charting at the moment or have a 
friend who might need one, walk into the Dollar tree and purchase 
your pregnancy test today.




When it comes to tooth-care, the Dollar Tree is always at the forefront. 
This store helps you to care for your teeth and save money at the 
same time. They offer the same toothbrushes as those you’ll find in similar stores. They also offer disposable “flosses”, 
teeth whitening products, and toothpastes of renowned brands. You’ll 
also love their Lavoris mouthwash.




Save yourself approximately 5.00 by purchasing any over the counter 
medication from your local dollar store. Here, you’ll find an 
amazing variety of medications. The previous customers who have 
bought over the counter medication from the Dollar Tree have 
ascertained that their medications work just like the medications 
bought from any other medicine stores.




Grab a pack of gum from the dollar store and save at least 1.00. Having a 
pack of gum with you to chew before various occasions can help you 
make a good impression.


9.Movie Candy


Save another 1.00 or more and have a good time at the movie by getting 
yourself some movie candy from the Dollar Store. The store provides a 
whole aisle of candy for you to choose from.


10.Kitchen Utensils


You can save a significant amount of money when you buy kitchen related 
stuff at the Dollar Tree. The dollar store avails a wide variety of 
Betty Crocker utensils and other countless options. Their baking 
pans, plates, cups, mugs,and wine glasses are as good as those 
you’ll find in competing grocery stores. In case you need Glad-ware 
and Reynolds wrap, walk into a dollar store nearby and get yourself 
the best quality products.

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