6 Email Marketing Tips for Improved Conversion

Most online marketers today have drifted and concentrate more on social media marketing as opposed to the rather conventional email marketing. However, the importance of the later as a crucial online marketing tool cannot be ignored. Unlike common belief, email marketing is not anywhere near its deathbed; it is only getting better. However, to get the best results, you must do it right. Discussed herein are six smart tips you should consider. 

1. Create a Lasting First Impression

In marketing, first impression is key because a decision to read an email, click on an image or buy a product is made within the first few seconds. You can catch the attention of your prospects by sending a welcome email; just tell the readers how much you value them. This is also the perfect time to share one of an irresistible offers or a voucher. You need to stand out as an honest person who means well and not some robot.

2. Ask for Permission

It is wrong and annoying to send unsolicited marketing-oriented emails to people without their authorization. Just because someone hasn’t complained doesn’t mean they like your emails. To avoid receiving emails asking you to “unsubscribe” them from your list, politely ask for their permission. Tell them what kind of information you intend to share and strictly send to those who don’t mind receiving your emails. 

3. Pay Attention to Branding 

How relevant is the information you share via email to your brand? Is the content related to the permission granted and what your website claims to do or it differs? To ensure consistency, include your logo to the email headers, including your company’s color theme. Recipients will most likely get used to your emails if they can associate it with your brand. 

4. Ensure the Content is Relevant

The surest way to catch the attention of your recipients is to generate and share relevant content. Always bear in mind that there are many other people who send the same targets lots of other emails, all requiring their attention. Therefore, to stand out from the crowd, take time to package your communication neatly. Ensure that the main points are well highlighted. Ideally, make good use of email marketing systems to send emails with a personal touch such as special recommendations for them. If you get this right, you are likely to see your click-through rate grow by approximately 25% while the conversion rate can rise by about 15%. Remember, it is not the quantity of the communication that matters but the quality; don’t share junk.

5. Consistency is Paramount

Consistency is the key to any successful marketing campaign, and email marketing is no exception. Your contacts must know your email schedules; say weekly at a specific time of the day. Come up with a workable calendar to manage your publishing. Don’t be in a rush to send out emails; ensure they are well edited and formatted before clicking “SEND.”

6. Optimize for Mobile Devices

Mobile devices, (smartphones and tablets) account for approximately 70% of all email opens. However, 4 out of 10 users delete such emails if they are not compatible with the devices they are using. To ensure that your emails are read by your targets irrespective of the devices they are using, you must optimize them accordingly. The fonts, images and videos should be responsive.

Email marketing still offers online marketers a lot of potential that remains untapped. To tap on this, you should desist from trying to hoodwink your readers with phishing emails as that will only taint your brand and even kill your email marketing campaign altogether. See to it that your communication is properly planned and executed with precision. All the be