Get $100 By Taking A Photo!

Do you like bringing your smartphone with camera everywhere you go? It looks attractive for you to take a photo of sun or amazing looking landscape? I have awesome news for you! You can make up to $100 per photo by selling it to a website. You don’t need to edit it, just upload and enjoy getting some extra earnings!



This is one of the biggest sites that pays you for photos! Same people are earning up to $150 per photo! Doesn’t it sounds exciting?


The site has made over 300 million from selling 500 million pictures, so you can get a rough idea about this site and see that they are serious player!


Also they have a program where you can refer a friend and get 20% commission from what they make. So for example if your referred person made $100- you are getting 20$ from that for a lifetime!




Another serious site mostly known as a wedding decoration, theme cards, theme costumes selling site, but also you can sell your photos there!


Etsy pays you 25 cents from the sold picture, before you consider this is a bad idea and you can’t make any money, read following sentence before you are leaving… Imagine you have uploaded a photo and 500 people have downloaded it. 100$ sounds more exciting, right? And you can leave your photo there for life and enjoy passive income paid monthly!


Also etsy had a good guide on how to market your photos, make it more attractive for people and giving an opportunity for you to make even more!




One of the first site who started selling pictures online, established asince 2001 year.


If you want to start selling photos an “iStockphoto” you need to fill a quick application online and tell a bit about you and your competition. After it submitted “iStockphoto” team will review your application and ask you to upload some of your work for a review.


Once you are approved and started selling pictures you will get 15% commission from each photo someone purchased. However if you are very good at it and you get “Exclusive Photographer” status, your earning can be as much as 45% from each sale! And believe me, if you can do that, you will make a lot of money!




This site is not free… The minimum amount you need to pay is 12.50$ montly to start selling at this site. However earning at this site can be as much as 85% from the sold pictures!


Here is a quick example on how “SmugMug” program works. You sell 5pictures for 10.79$. SmugMug will take 0.79 from you as a transaction fee, so there is 10$ left and you will get 8.5$ (85% from it).


This site is a good place for an entrepreneurial mindset people, as you can charge as much as you want from a picture and there is no limit on how much you can make.


Thank you for reading this article, I hope that was helpful, if you are interested in more ways to make money, feel free to read more related articles!