Get Bitcoin For Free!

Bitcoin had a huge rise from 1000$ to 18000$ in 2017! That tells a lot about the value of this crypto currency and it is not a bad idea to have some amount of bitcoin as we expect it value to go higher and higher! You may find these ways a bit strange and childish, but I personally know it works! So today I want to share with you easiest ways to get free bitcoin and not only that! You may find some methods even interesing and fun, so making money can be very satisfying 


So today I want to share few website and legit ways to get bitcoin for free!


  • Use App To Get Free Bitcoin


This app called “Free Bitcoin” is making you money by simply watching videos! You can claim “Satoshi” (Smallest amount of bitcoin) every hour and then send you reward in every bitcoin wallet you chose. Potential reward is 250.000 Satoshi per hour and once you reach 20.00 “Satoshi” you can withdraw it!


  • “MinerGate” Way


This is the solution for smartphones or in other words smartphone mining platform and you can find this on the Google Play Store. All you need to do is install this app in your smartphone. It uses smartphone memory (CPU) and it can mine any crypto currency you can imagine – Verge (XVG), Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC).


This app is working even when your phone is sleeping. And another thing you need to be aware – Keep your phone charging and connected  to WI-FI while  mining and don’t get surprised when you find you phone very hot as it uses a lot of energy to mine!



  • Play Games To Earn Bitcoin


This game is called “Coinbrawl” and it pays you “Satoshi” you can exchange to Bitcoin. Not only you can earn bitcoin, but also find this game satisfying and having fun while making money.


The game involves you to grove your skills, so you can fight other players in this game and by playing, training etc. You are improving your skills and once you are able to fight other people, “Satoshi” will reach your wallet, it is that simple!


Keep in mind that “Bitcoin” wallet is needed to be able to receive funds, also – You have to reach 100000 satoshi level in order to withdraw it.


  • Earn Bitcoin By Reading!


It is also strange way to get bitcoin, but let me explain how system works so you can understand easier. There is a site called and it will pay you bitcoin in exchange you are reading books!


There is a lot of books you can read, and it pays you small amount of bitcoin every 10minutes you are reading!


So if you are that kind of person who loves reading, you must take a look at this website and find if this is for you!



I hope you found this article enjoyable and it helped you to make up your mind on how to get free bitcoin. If you like my article, please take a peek on the right to read more related articles and I believe you will find something useful! Our site is full of valuable information and tips, so please take your time and you will find something that suits you needs or at least it will help to find what is the best way to make money for you!