How to Make Money by Taking Part in Online Surveys

It’s true that online surveys can help you in making money. However, it important to know that you must adopt the right method when taking part in this effective money making trail. If you browse the Internet, you will come across hundreds of online survey websites. Each of these sites has its own merits and demerits. What’s alarming is that the majority of the survey websites operating currently have more demerits than merits. When reviewing some of these sites, I discovered that many of them have a significantly high refund rate. This means, a large number of people joining those websites for taking part in surveys demand refunds, which clearly shows that those sites are not reliable. For the majority of those websites, the refund rate varies between 20% and 50%; however, I have also come across sites with refund rates of up to 90%. I wonder how these businesses are still running with nine out of ten participants asking for refunds.

There’s another way of making money online through surveys; that’s by carrying out the entire thing yourself. However, that would require you to put enormous effort. Although there are a number of websites that would allow you to take part in their surveys for free, they would pay you just $2 to $5 for every survey. The other problem with those free sites is that they would not send you enough surveys; at least not as many as you are looking to complete.

However, those are not the biggest issues with sites allowing people to complete surveys for free. The main reason why you should be careful is that a large number of the websites offering free surveys look for personal info of users so that they can make money by reselling it. They would never send any surveys to you, but you will soon start receiving emails and phone calls from third parties offering products and services you never needed. The situation can be so bad that you might need to change your email id as a result of getting too many junk mails in your inbox. So, it shows that going for the free sites would not be a good decision.

All the research I did on this subject made me believe that to make money through online surveys one should begin by short-listing a few high quality and reputable paid survey websites and then choose from that list.

You must also be careful when choosing surveys. Joining high quality paid survey sites would make hundreds of surveys available to you. This would allow you to be more selective while picking surveys. Choose surveys that you feel would be suitable for the kind of person you are, your age, your lifestyle, your profession, and so on. For instance, if you are a 25 year old guy starting your career, there’s no use of taking part in a survey meant for 60 year old retired individuals. Similarly, if you are a student, it would be a waste of time for you if you take part in a survey created for entrepreneurs.