Make Money Using “Facebook”

I truly believe that most of the people already know basic idea on how money online is made. You need to get visitors to your page and sell something to them. While there is a lot of networks people are using daily, some of them are growing fast, some already have big audience, but to get straight to the point- Facebook is the most popular website among the people in the world. It was established in 2004, but today in 2018 it would be strange to meet people who never heard about it or even don’t use it. So if “Facebook” has a lot of visitors why don’t use this network to get an advantage for yourself?


In this article I will give you simple idea on how on how it works, without getting too deep into technical details and only by sharing my thoughts and experience with it.


Firstly, you need to choose product that you want to promote on “Facebook”. It can be a physical product or digital product. For those who have no idea of what I call digital product – here is an example: So lets say person created e-book format guide on how to create a websites, he put a lot of work and efforts on doing that and he is sharing his experience, so basically digital product is some kind of information you are willing to spend money on.

Once you have a product you want to promote, or niche based products, for example, everything that is related to have a clean car- Wax, shampoo etc. You create a “Facebook” page for that, so this is the first step. When you do paid advertising via Facebook, business account must be used, no way you can do that with your personal account, unless you just spam your link through all kind of groups, but this is the straight way to get your account blocked.


When you have a page, you just create a post on your Facebook site and use paid advertising. With Facebook you are getting everything you need to find right people, you can target keywords, see all kind of different websites, visit these websites and see what kind of content they are showing and make advertisement based on people who liked particular page and only they will see you post. Then you are paying money and people see your advertisement as “sponsored” somewhere while scrolling their newsfeed.

But don’t use the only 1website, I suggest you to google and find more information regarding this topic, even on “Youtube” there is plenty of info how to use “Facebook” ads. There will be too much work and effort to put everything here about technical things when a lot of content made by other people, so as I have said, I know it works and I know you can benefit from that, so take some time and you will achieve phenomenal results!