Smart App Pays Money While Watching TV and Playing Games

Watching TV and playing games seems attractive to you? Why you should do something you don’t like to make money…It should not be this way! You can do a lot of things and think it is going to work, going to a day job and pray your “BOSS” don’t want to fire you, maybe create a blog or instagram profile with some nice pictures and hope it will be profitable. There is a lot ways you can earn and most people do that for a living, but what if I can tell you can make some extra earnings while relaxing and watching TV or playing silly video game? I know it sounds too good to be true, but please pay attention and read everything till the end and I’m sure you will understand how it works as I am giving step by step instructions on how it should be done.


The first thing you need to do is to download an app called “Perk”. It is available for iOS, Android or PC devices. And make sure to use “Facebook” to login if you are using it, as they are giving nice bonuses this way. While using “Perk” app you are getting perk points that you can exchange to “Starbucks”, Amazon gift cards or even withdraw it to PayPal account as a gift card! This company already paid over $50 million dollards to their customers already and it is still growing.


It may sound stupid, why someone should pay you money while you are watching TV or playing game…The idea behind it- they are showing ads and stealing your attention, companies are paying for them to show ads for you and they share money for doing that.


Just play some games and don’t worry about results or score, you get points regardless of your results.


If you ask me – Perk is pretty much as Youtube for me, but it pays you money, so it is a perfect solution for you if tired of youtube.


Some people even create a mini Perk farm, where they are running multiple devices such as TV, few smarthphones and getting payd this way. I hostly suggest you to search for more information about this if you want to do that, you don’t want to believe I made 3$ while writing this article for you.


I hope you found this article useful and it helped to find another way of how you can earn without too much efforts. If you think that was helpful, feel free to read more related articles and find ways that looks attractive for you. Thank you for your attention!