Traditional And Digital Marketing Compared

For a business, it is now essential, in order to grow its sales, to be present on the web. More and more people are going through this channel before buying and the opinions they find therein greatly influence their purchases. However, traditional marketing has and will always have its place. By combining these two marketing techniques in your strategy you can only win. 

A website with a design and well thought out

Although traditional marketing is still relevant, the web is now a must. Your website becomes the first impression of your business and a gateway for consumers. People who find you through a search engine are active customers who are in a buying process, so it’s easier to close a sale than when you cold-call them. However, your website must be up-to-date and well thought out, otherwise potential customers will turn to another site. 

Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing 

Traditional marketing makes it possible to reach a large number of people effectively, but digital marketing reaches a more specific audience and gives the opportunity to build a closer relationship with consumers. Digital marketing can be done through social media, email lists and online advertising. These means are inexpensive and the results are more easily measurable. For example, the potential of CRM software is incredible for pushing the right products or services to the right audience. Traditional marketing, on the other hand, allows audiences to keep a physical copy of your material, touch it, and read it again and again. It is also easily understandable, since the public is used to this type of marketing. 

The winning combination 

A simple example of integration could be: send a flyer and invite people to go to your site to find out more about your offer or to print a coupon. Also invite them to visit your Facebook page. This integration offers you new sales opportunities. You can also, at an event, collect email addresses or invite people to follow you on social networks during their visit to your point of sale. In fact, the knowledge of your web tools will allow you to amalgamate some traditional strategies that will reach your customers. 

By using both marketing techniques, you can spread your message across many different channels. Depending on the target audience, you can use either technique. Digital marketing will certainly join a younger audience. By combining the two methods, one can overcome the weaknesses of the other and it is possible for your business to reach more potential customers.

There are various reason for the growth of digital marketing.

The new techniques of digital marketing have the advantage of transforming the customer relationship by making it more human through two-way communication.

The associated actions are mostly inexpensive and allow easily measurable real-time results.

With digital, no matter the size of the company and its marketing budget it is possible to compete with big companies in big markets; this point is a major advantage over traditional marketing where the visibility of a brand is strongly linked to the financial means implemented.

Finally, techniques such as inbound marketing and content marketing can attract prospects – already active in their customer journey – to your brand by giving them the information they are looking for. This mode of communication is perceived as much less intrusive than traditional marketing and attracts much more qualified leads. It is a marketing based on premission marketing, ie the consent given by the consumer to receive information from brands. It is a modern marketing in an increasingly restrictive legislative environment